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Zlot Buell + Associates

Mary Zlot established her art advising business in 1983 and formed a partnership with Sabrina Buell in 2012. Zlot Buell + Associates provides professional curatorial guidance and collection management services to corporate and private art collectors with a focus on modern and contemporary art. Our advising team includes Mary Zlot, Sabrina Buell, Kelly Huang and Maria Hemphill. We offer a full range of advising services, including art acquisition programs, concept development, long-range collection planning, art collection evaluation and artwork deaccession assistance. Guidance in selecting artwork is based on careful research and full knowledge of current market conditions, as well as years of experience. We believe that art collecting is an avenue to engage in contemporary culture and provides an opportunity to experience the many ways in which the presence of fine works of art can enrich our lives.


Contact Information:

  • 201 Post Street, Suite 1001
  • San Francisco, CA 94108
  • Tel: 415-495-4444
  • Fax: 415-243-8482