Social Media Panel at Phillips Focuses on Instagram; Encourages Personal Points of View

Thank you to panelists Todd Levin – Art Advisor, Curator; Eric Petschek – Designer/Photographer, Co-Founder @CityBoyCountryGirl; Mark Rosen – Social Media Marketing Manager @Artsy and moderator Megan Newcome – Director of Digital Strategy @Phillips for hosting a vibrant conversation on effective social media strategy.

The key points included:

* @Instagram is a growing, hyper-visual social platform for the art world

* Focusing on the content, topics and tools that bring you joy – it’s supposed to be fun!

* Social media has more qualitative impact (connection, branding) than quantitative 

* Make use of social platforms as free marketing and advertising tools

* Frame the success of your social media engagement in your own terms – what does it mean for you and your network?

Check out the program briefly, here.

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