The Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA) is a not-for-profit organization comprised of leading independent art advisors, curators and corporate art managers.

Our mission is to establish and disseminate the highest possible principles and guidelines for acquiring, maintaining and presenting art. We are united by our high standards of professionalism, and uphold these standards in our work with corporations, public art projects and private collections.

APAA members are proven experts in their fields, and are committed to promoting the value of art in the public and private sectors. As advisors, we are objective advocates who work solely for our clients, and unlike art dealers, do not maintain inventories for sale nor represent artists.

APAA fosters excellence in the art advisory field by stressing integrity, connoisseurship and education as the standards for professional practice. APAA members have a demonstrated expertise in the art market and maintain good working relationships within the arts community. We expect members to have a depth of knowledge in a broad range of areas, including museum-quality methodology in registration, maintenance, conservation, art handling and installation, as well as awareness of best practices for vendors and business partners — including support services such as framing, shipping, insurance, lighting and security.