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David Cohen •

Masterpiece International Ltd. was founded by David Cohen and David Epstein in New York in August, 1989, as a U.S. Customs Broker, International Freighter Forwarder and logistics provider to serve the business of fine arts shipping.. Masterpiece was formed on the premise of giving excellent, personalized service to all clients. This philosophy has allowed Masterpiece to grow and expand operations across the country over the years. Today the company is well positioned in 16 offices in every U.S. city with a major international airport, as well as a few smaller port cities.  All offices are fully owned and operated as part of the Masterpiece corporation and each office has a licensed U.S. Customs Broker on staff and direct relationships with local U.S. Customs offices to facilitate trade.


We have staff fluent in every major language in the world which allows us to provide a full range of services in the international marketplace with assurances that we can properly communicate with all our international agents and clients, even if they are not fluent in English.

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