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Guggenheim Asher Associates Inc.

Barbara Guggenheim • Abigail Asher

Based on thirty years of experience in the international art market, GA provides impartial advice, market savvy, and wide-ranging expertise in buying, selling, and collecting art.

In a rapidly changing art world, GA’s collectors are among the leaders in the field, but the firm stands ready to counsel any serious buyer, seller, or collector, even those entering the market for the first time.

To find the best works in a market in which demand outstrips supply requires insider knowledge and contacts. GA expands a collector’s reach by being their ears and eyes.

Making an informed decision as to whether or not to buy a work of art and knowing the right price to pay requires professional experience, careful analysis, and due diligence.

GA brings to bear all the relevant factors about the artist, the market trajectory for his works, the particular work taken in the context of the artist’s career, provenance, condition, literature, exhibition history, and comparative uniqueness.

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