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Marc-Jan van Laake and Joost Bergman

Bergman & van Laake

Joost Bergman and Marc-Jan van Laake founded Bergman & Van Laake in 2003 with the goal of becoming the most dynamic, competent and ethical art advisors in Holland. As international members of APAA, we take particular pleasure in touring with foreign collectors visiting The Netherlands, and giving an insider’s introduction to the Amsterdam artworld. We’re also delighted to be the “eyes” for our advisor colleagues at Dutch auctions.

We work closely with clients to facilitate a deeper appreciation of the art world and ensure that high-quality, enduring pieces are purchased according to clients’ tastes and budgets.

We are particularly focused on helping new collectors – arranging visits to exhibits, art fairs, auctions and artists’ studios. We are active and experienced participants in an international network of brokerages, dealers and artists, so we know the “business side” of the global art world and work in the best interests of our clients.

Our emphasis is on contemporary art and we have proven adept at scouting emerging talent. However, we have helped our clients with collections that encompass pieces from the 17th through to the 21st centuries, and are comfortable with all types of media: painting, sculpture, graphic art, photography and applied art.

In addition to helping you build a well-balanced collection, we research individual pieces of art and digitize collections. Our surveys can be, if needed, used for insurance purposes. Because we are a full-service consultancy, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with shipping and storage of your artwork, as well as helping with conservation and framing — every aspect of managing and enhancing your collection.

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