Membership in APAA is by invitation. As the only standard setting organization for art advisors, we ensure that anyone considering hiring one of our members can rely on APAA to have vetted them thoroughly and can attest to their abilities, ethics and professionalism. We promote our mission to the public and to potential clients in the art and business worlds.

Our members enjoy a collegial working relationship with their peers. We share information that assists members in their business practices, and help them with a bounty of advice from our own experiences with clients and business partners. We provide information about preferred vendors and associated experts including appraisers, conservators, insurers and other professionals.

Board of Directors

Megan Fox Kelly, President
Megan Fox Kelly Art Advisory
New York, New York

Elizabeth Szancer, Vice President
New York, New York

Jennifer Ann Duncan, Treasurer
Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies (FAPE)
Washington, DC

Lisa Austin, Secretary
Lisa Austin & Associates
Miami, Florida

Cynthia Altman
Consulting Curator
Rockefeller University
New York, New York

Gabriel Catone
New York, New York

Kay Childs
Topol Childs
New York, New York

Wendy Cromwell
Cromwell Art, LLC
New York, New York

Patricia Dellorfano
Lead Curator, Corporate Art Group
Fidelity Investments
Boston, Massachusetts

Lee White Galvis*
New York, New York

Mary Hoeveler
President, M.G. Hoeveler, Ltd.
New York, New York

Joe Houston
Hallmark Art Collection
Kansas City, Missouri

Patrick Legant
Patrick Legant – Art Consultancy
London, United Kingdom

Todd Levin
Levin Art Group
New York, New York

*ex officio

APAA London Steering Committee

Teresa Krasny
Art Advisor

Patrick Legant
Patrick Legant – Art Consultancy

Selena Skipwith
Independent Art Consultant